After writing about the main benefits of a CISS, I thought I would explain a little more how it works.

The CISS (aka continuous ink supply system) is the best way to cut printing costs to their lowest possible, without affecting the quality of the print. Just imagine, up to 20 times cheaper with no hassle at all. It consists of a set of special ink cartridges, connected to ink reservoirs thorough small tubes.

Because of the capillary action, or capilarity – the property of a liquid to flow against gravity in narrow spaces, the ink from the external tanks is continuously delivered to the cartridges, so you can print even a large amount of pictures without worrying that the printer might run dry.

Depending of your printer model, the CISS has 4, 5, 6 or 8 separate tanks, each filled with a certain color. When you see – because the reservoirs are transparent – that one of the colors is running low, you just add a little more ink. Why lose the yellow and blue, when all you need is red? You can buy refill bottles for one color for low prices and be sure they will last you for a long, long time. Anyway, when you first order, the ink tanks are full, so it will be a while until you will need another refill.

The installation is very simple, takes 5 to 20 minutes, and you can also take a look at some video tutorials on youtube. Just be sure you have the right model for your printer. If you need help in making a choice or have any other questions, the staff from CissMarket will be more than glad to assist you. Why not give it a try?

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